Get INspired with a class taught by an inspirational, motivational speaker.


INnovate 2017 - Katie Owings

The heart and visionary behind the INspiration, Ms. Katie Owings is the Owner of Inspiration Performing Arts Center, the Founder of ImPACt!™ 501(c)3, and the energized woman behind the mission of To Inspire You!™ Miss Katie has been INvolved in the art of dance for more than 27 years, running her centers and giving back to the local Mahtomedi, White Bear Lake and Stillwater communities for 10 years, and providing dance education on a global scale to the impoverished communities of Haiti, Uganda, and Costa Rica. 

Her passion for teaching dance, traveling, educating, learning and speaking continues to impact people worldwide.  Miss Katie truly offers INspiration to all she meets, both on and off the dance floor! Click here for more information.


INnovate 2016 - Leslie Scott

Leslie Scott is well known not only for her talents but her unwavering work ethic, contagious positive energy and bold use of movement to spread a positive message! She is represented by MSA, on Faculty at the Edge Performing Arts and Millennium Dance Complex, guest faculty on several conventions and the Founder of the E.D.I.F.Y. Movement, a non-profit committed to using dance to highlight social causes. She leads mission trips to teach the arts at orphanages in Africa and Mexico and the local homeless residents on skid row in Los Angeles. Leslie recently worked on “Pitch Perfect 2”, was the keynote speaker and guest performer at Hip-Hop Madness 2015, is a Certified Dance/Life Coach through Creating Opportunities by Chonique Sneed and Lisette Bustamante, and taught “Performing Like A Pro” at Monsters of Hip Hop in Los Angeles. Leslie is a sought after Artistic Director and well known for the breakthroughs dancers experience in her inter-active seminar “Self-Esteem in Performing Arts”. She has traveled to 22 countries and 48 states spreading her unique teaching methods, artistry and shining her Spirit Swag!  Click here for more information.

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