A day of passion, integrity, courage, fun, and growth.


The Innovate event came to life out of our desire to further a vision of bringing dancers together from all over our dance community to celebrate, learn, and inspire one another. From our experiences at dance events and competitions, we find that feeling unified provides for a richer experience for our dancers, teachers, and parents.  Kick off you performance and competition season feeling INspired, INvigorated, INvolved, and INcluded!

Kick off your performance and competition season feeling INspired, INvigorated, INvolved, and INcluded at The INnovate Dance Event!

Students coming INnovate experience a unique dance event, including 4 distinct elements: a performance and evaluation with LIVE feedback, 2 amazing master classes, an educational seminar, and a community service project. INnovate strives for connection among young Twin Cities area dancers with an emphasis on learning and giving back! Dance teachers attend FREE with their students and will enjoy a special private luncheon and seminar. At the end of the day we join together, including teacher and parents, for a showcase of inspiring dance pieces from the event chosen by our esteemed adjudicators. Our hope for dancers is that they leave our event feeling fulfilled and excited for the rest of their performance seasons!


Inspirational Speaker

Get INspired with a motivational speaker.


Service Project

Get INvolved by participating in a service project to give back to your community!


Performance & Feedback

Get INvigorated performing in front of peers and receiving valuable feedback from dance professionals!


Master Class

Get INcluded with a challenging master class.